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      • Feelfulness eBook
      • Layers of Thought, MP3
      • The Flower Technique, MP3
      • The Higher Mind, Ownership
        Technique, MP3
      • Detached Observational Skills
        Techniques, MP3

      In a more ideal situation just about every patient I'd see she'd be instructing them in such things, or at least helping facilitate them getting in touch with and doing what would work for them, what makes sense for them, a more open and connected them.


      After three weeks of thought-feeling practice, one of my clients told me that I seem different, like I have more energy and glowing. I'm feeling very content inside and my body feels light and happy. It's hard to describe, but I feel like I'm walking around within a safe bubble. It's such a secure and calm feeling, like no one and nothing can upset me, yet I'm standing right next to them. Really awesome!