Carmen Sauciuc

FeelFulness® Feel a Feeling by Choice

I help practitioners and leaders Generate States of Being with FeelFulness techniques to master emoting therapeutically to their clients and avoid emotional contagion and  in 60 days or less.

Generating States of Being by Experience
Therapeutic . Peak Performance . Mastery

Deep within you lies the powerful realm of the feeling mind, the true essence of your subconscious mind. It holds the key to shaping your experiences.

With Feelfulness® you gain the ability to navigate this inner landscape consciously.  You can choose to feel a feeling by choice, empowering yourself to unleash the immense power within.

By cultivating special awareness and intentional focus, you can tap into the transformative force of your subconscious, paving the way for profound transformation.  

With Feelfulness®, you embrace the extraordinary capacity to shape your emotional reality and create fulfilling experiences on your terms. How would you like to feel?

Carmen Sauciuc

All it takes is willingness!

I've coined the term FeelFulness® in 2011  and I help practitioners and coaches generate states of being with FeelFulness techniques (top functional emotional intelligence skills) to master emoting therapeutically to their clients and avoid emotional contagion and achieve peak performance, stay motivated, be confident at whatever it is you do, that you can do better.

My strategy blends goal-oriented problem-solving functional psychology -through EXPERIENCE (not just theory)- and I am devoted to helping you reach your best potential.   

I'll show you how to unleash the power of your Thought-Feelings with Word Triangles (neuro-language) to re-direct your stream of thoughts (thought management) shift your mindset (re-pattern) and create a desired consciousness (Generating States of... ) to productively register (neuroplasticity) in your Muscle Memory (automatic habits).  

Because your automatic habits determine the quality of your life and the rate of your success!

I have my own journey to mastery, paved with plenty of struggles but my willingness to overcome these obstacles never wavered.  Perseverance and persistence are my main supporting friends. 

I've been dealing with several conditions one of which is neuro-muscular that took a lifetime to diagnose and get treatment for; as if that were not enough, a few inattentive people drove straight into my vehicle, sending me to the operating room; but these troubles play just a part of my journey and they do Not define Who I Am.  

I draw inspiration from Milton Erickson and William James, who, despite dealing with debilitating physical illnesses, were able to bring about groundbreaking advancements in the fields of hypnotherapy and functional psychology.  

In addition to their teachings, the works of Carl Jung and Martin Seligman are instrumental in shaping my approach, forming the foundation of my practice.

There is something very interesting that happens to people bound by chronic physical conditions: most realize the limitations of the physicalness and begin to expand their mind beyond their ordinary limits.

I am here to revolutionize your though-feeling processes by challenging your perspectives and provide you with a wide range of possibilities.  My intuitive and practical methodologies have lasting effects by remodeling your automatic habits. 

 After working in a corporate world with financial systems for over two decades, creating top efficiencies with various systems, I soon came to realize that the human mind is a complex set of systems generating thoughts, feeling and behaviors, systems which can easily be efficient-ized. 

I studied, practiced, and got certified in Neuro-Linguistic and Hypnotherapy by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the American Board of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and trained with the most prestigious Milton H. Erickson Foundation School of Hypnotherapy.  I am a contemporary shaman and I have done extensive work with alchemy and transcendence, all of which allows me to offer very unique perspective to my clients.

Most people believe that their conscious mind is what runs their show, when in fact it is the subconscious mind that takes care of it all: the subconscious is the operating system without which the conscious mind app would have no ground to run on. 

I’m a published author, a Mensa member. I always had a high degree of self-awareness and a great purity of mind; understanding complex subjects coupled with the capability to break them down to smaller pieces for common sense understanding comes easy to me.  I teach and guide through motivation and inspiration, and I believe in "working less while accomplishing more" while my unwavering passion for better-ness inspires others to further their peak performance skill development and increase their well-being.   

I will take You to YOUR MASTERY!