Feel a Feeling by Choice  .  Generating States of Being

Foreword  by Randall Griffith, LCSW, CHt    

"In the extensive field of behavioral change literature there occasionally emerges a unique contribution that simply defies convention, blending diverse disciplines into a tapestry of knowledge and wisdom not seen before. "Feelfulness - Feel a Feeling by Choice" is unequivocally one of these gems.

I have been in the behavioral/emotional health field for more than four decades, and I have perused the pages of countless books, each offering a unique perspective on transformation, and I can wholeheartedly affirm that “Feelfulness – Feel a Feeling by Choice” stands unparalleled.

This remarkable pioneering endeavor intricately weaves together the threads of psychology, hypnotherapy, shamanism, and alchemy all underpinned by the latest findings in neuroscience. Carmen Sauciuc is unafraid to tackle theoretical underpinnings while offering highly practical advice as well.

The neuroscience chapters provide a deep and comprehensive understanding of the brain's plasticity and its potential for transformation. But what truly sets this book apart is its practicality and versatility. Carmen's writing style is both engaging and professional, making it an invaluable guidebook for therapists, coaches and anyone seeking to enhance their lives.

As I read through the pages of "Feelfulness," I couldn't help but wish that I had this book in my hands during my years of supervision. Its wealth of information, supported by sound references, would have been an invaluable tool in guiding and inspiring those I mentored.

"Feelfulness - Feel a Feeling by Choice" is a transformative journey that transcends boundaries and defies categorization. Carmen Sauciuc's work is a beacon of light, illuminating the path toward empowerment and transformation. I am honored to introduce you to this very unique book, and I have no doubt it will leave an indelible mark on your life, just as it has on mine."

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“Feel the Feeling” they say, “that's the secret,” they say, yet what remains unsaid is the ‘how’ – the practical, actionable steps to truly grasp this mysterious skill. I questioned the experts' cryptic advice, and it became clear to me that there was the need to demystify this skill and make it accessible to anyone who desires it, because I always had this skillset, and I believed everyone else possessed it. Little did I know, this skillset is what many spend a lifetime seeking to unlock.

Thus, this book was born, out of my desire to bridge the gap between the tantalizing 'secret' and the tangible 'how-to.' I believe that within these pages, you will find the practical guidance you need to tap into the profound art of feeling the feeling by choice. It is my hope that by sharing my insights, I can empower you to harness this skillset and embark on your own journey of transformation.

While experiencing the skills firsthand in real-life encounters when taught in workshops, I am optimistic that this text will offer valuable assistance. I wrote this book as a guide to assist practitioners, coaches, team leaders, and caretakers with developing the ability to generate states of being through conscious choice. Feelfulness® -Feel a feeling by Choice- at its core, equips you with the tools you need serving as a cornerstone for transformative personal growth.

By mastering the art of Generating States of Being, you'll enter the realm of embodied presence that transcends words and language, allowing you to influence profound shifts in the lives of your clients by becoming a conduit for transformation, uplifting those you work with to new levels of well-being. Within these pages, you'll discover not only magic word formulas but practical strategies to harness your inner resources and confidently achieve your goals.

It's essential to acknowledge that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to life's challenges, and that past experiences have shaped your present mindset. However, as an adult, you possess the power to make choices that loosen the grip of status-quo. This journey will solidify a robust foundation of self-esteem, self-confidence, and a willingness to embrace what Dr Carl Jung termed 'individuation.' In simple terms, it's about embracing your authentic self and helping your clients do the same, acknowledging both the positive and negative facets of your being as sources of empowerment, leading to adaptive states by utilizing available resources toward positive outcomes.

This book is crafted to be accessible to students at all levels, while offering substantial value to seasoned practitioners interested in honing their skillset, as the gateway to mastering the art of Generating States of Being and embarking on a transformative journey.  I invite you to dive in because boundless possibilities await you. Because deep within you lies the powerful realm of the feeling mind, the true essence of your driver: your subconscious mind which holds the key to shaping your experiences.

With Feelfulness® you gain the ability to navigate this inner landscape consciously.  Feeling a Feeling by choice is not something entirely new; our ancestors instinctively grasped the art of harmonizing with their environment, guided by an innate inner science that allowed them to navigate life's complexities.

The need for modern empirical evidence as a validation was absent in those ancient eras, as their profound understanding of the inner workings of emotions was woven into the fabric of their existence. You can choose to feel a feeling by choice, empowering you to unleash the immense potential within. By cultivating special awareness and intentional focus, you can tap into the transformative force of your subconscious, paving the way for profound transformation.

With Feelfulness®, you embrace the extraordinary capacity to shape your emotional reality and create fulfilling experiences on your terms.  How would you like to feel?
                         Carmen  Sauciuc