Attentional Observation Skills, Maximizing Focus & Concentration Power in Simultaneous Time

Sharp Observational Skills to Emotional Regulation for top Transformative Leadership Skills. Discover how Attention becomes your Superpower and laser

There’s something NEW and Special being introduced here to help you achieve your Mastery by expanding your Focus and Concentration, Observation and Attention Allocation Resources with highly INTUITIVE techniques and  develop a brand new set of Peak Performance Skills as Automatic Habits!

Emotional Regulation with Detached Observation Techniques, Fast to Last!

 You will not find this approach nor these techniques any other place!    This is TRANSFORMATIONAL and it's Long Lasting!

Q: What exactly is being introduced here to help achieve mastery and improve focus, concentration, observation, and attention allocation?
A: These are innovative techniques that offers highly intuitive techniques for developing peak performance skills as automatic habits. It focuses on emotional regulation with detached observation techniques, ensuring lasting results.

Q: Are these techniques available elsewhere?
A: No, you won't find this unique approach and these techniques anywhere else. They are exclusively designed by me to be transformational and have long-lasting effects.

Q: How can detached observation skills benefit me?
A: Detached observation skills help you recognize the value of your own ideas, identify potential risks and opportunities, and enhance your overall decision-making abilities. Their significance should not be underestimated.

Q: Will these techniques help me improve my focus and concentration?
A: Absolutely! By expanding your focus and concentration through intuitive techniques, this program empowers you to achieve mastery and enhance your ability to stay attentive and focused.

Q: What makes this approach transformational?
A: This approach goes beyond surface-level changes and aims to create profound shifts in your mindset, behavior, and performance. It enables you to develop a brand new set of peak performance skills that become automatic habits for long-term success.

Albert Einstein once said, “The secret to mastery is knowing how to hide your sources.” It’s no surprise that this quote speaks volumes to the importance of focus, both in your personal and professional lives. Focus is essential for productivity, accomplishment, and fulfillment. But it’s easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

The ability to observe with intent and focus is a skill that involves:

  • evaluating potential solutions
  • pick up on patterns
  • understand the bigger picture

With these unique attentional observation skills, you will be ale to:

  • identify trends and patterns, 
  • adjust to changing conditions, and  
  • identify areas for improvement

Attentional observation skills are an invaluable tool for achieving success: 

  • observe opponents, 
  • competitors, and peers to
  •  gain insights into their tactics

These Detached Observational Skills can help you better recognize the value of your own ideas, as well as identify potential risks and opportunities and  and should not be underestimated.

Who is this course for?

Working professionals who need to improve their concentration and focus in their jobs.

This can include individuals in demanding fields that requires sustained attention such as finance, programming, writing, therapists or any profession.  Individuals looking to maintain motivation and focus in their careers, balance work and personal life, and overcome challenges.

The course can provide you with skills to enhance your focus, concentration, and emotional regulation, which are essential for navigating a demanding corporate environment.

These skills can help you excel in your role, improve relationships, and increase your chances of career advancement.

I am concerned about balancing work commitments with the course. Can I manage both effectively?

Yes! The course is designed to be flexible and self-paced, allowing you to fit it into your schedule without overwhelming your work commitments.

By dedicating specific time slots for learning, you can effectively manage both your work responsibilities and the course requirements.

This course offers a fresh perspective and innovative techniques that can enhance your therapeutic practice. It provides an opportunity for professional growth and expansion by introducing new concepts, approaches, and tools that you may not have encountered before.

Embracing continuous learning can deepen your understanding, improve your effectiveness as a therapist, and enrich your client interactions.

While your experience and expertise are valuable, this course can provide you with a unique set of skills and perspectives to enhance your therapeutic practice. It offers transformative techniques, including emotional regulation and detached observation, which can deepen your self-awareness, improve your clinical insights, and expand your therapeutic toolbox.

Embracing new approaches and constantly seeking growth can elevate your abilities as a therapist and bring fresh insights to your work.

I worry that taking this course may challenge my current beliefs and practices. How can I navigate this concern?

It is natural to feel some discomfort when confronted with new ideas or perspectives. However, approaching this course with an open mind and a willingness to explore can lead to personal and professional growth.

The course encourages critical thinking, self-reflection, and integration of new knowledge into your existing framework. You can evaluate and adapt the techniques and concepts to align with your therapeutic approach while also embracing opportunities for expansion and improvement.

The course is designed to challenge assumptions and foster a growth-oriented mindset. It provides a platform for self-reflection, encourages exploration of new techniques, and promotes ongoing learning.

By engaging with the course material and participating in transformative experiences, you can deepen your humility, curiosity, and willingness to continuously expand your therapeutic skills and knowledge.

Content creators, artists, writers, musicians, or any creative individuals who want to enhance their ability to concentrate on their creative endeavors and overcome distractions.  

The course can enhance your focus, concentration, and emotional regulation, which are crucial for creative endeavors.

It can help you stay in the flow state, overcome creative blocks, and improve your ability to bring your artistic vision to life.

I often struggle with self-doubt as a creative professional. Can this course help me overcome that?

Yes! Emotional regulation and detached observation techniques taught in the course can help you manage self-doubt and cultivate a more positive and resilient mindset. You'll learn strategies to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs, allowing your creative expression to flourish.

Individuals starting or running their own businesses who need to stay focused and manage distractions to be more productive and achieve their goals.

This course can enhance your focus, concentration, and emotional regulation, allowing you to make better decisions, manage stress, and improve overall productivity. These skills are essential for effective leadership and business success.

I have limited resources as a small business owner. Is this course worth the investment?

Absolutely! Investing in your personal growth and skill development can have a significant impact on your business.

The techniques you'll learn can help you optimize your performance, improve decision-making, and drive better results, making it a valuable investment for your business's long-term success.

Students of all ages who want to improve their study skills, increase focus, and enhance concentration abilities. This can include high school or college students preparing for exams or individuals pursuing online learning.  

We understand the demands of being a student. This course is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to access the materials at your own pace and convenience. You can allocate small pockets of time for learning, such as during breaks or in the evenings.

The self-paced nature of the course enables you to balance your studies and other commitments effectively.

Athletes, actors, musicians, and other performers who want to improve their ability to stay focused, concentrate, and perform under pressure.  

We understand the demands of your profession and the limited availability in your schedule. This course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to access the materials at your own convenience.

You can allocate time during your off-season, recovery periods, or downtime between performances/practices to engage with the course content. The self-paced nature of the course enables you to adapt it to fit your busy schedule effectively.

Absolutely! This course is designed to help individuals with attention difficulties. It provides techniques and strategies specifically tailored to improve focus and concentration.

Through targeted exercises and practices, you can gradually strengthen your attention span and enhance your ability to sustain focus over time.

How can I manage the course if I have trouble staying attentive and engaged?

We understand the challenges you may face, and the course structure takes that into account. The materials are designed to be engaging, interactive, and divided into manageable sections.

The course also offers techniques to improve attention and focus, which you can apply during the learning process. Additionally, you can set realistic goals, take breaks when needed, and utilize strategies to support your attention during the course.

People interested in mindfulness and meditation practices who want to deepen their ability to cultivate attention, detached observation, and concentration.

Absolutely! This course complements your existing mindfulness and meditation practices by offering specialized techniques to enhance your focus, concentration, and emotional regulation.

It provides a unique blend of neurocoaching and detached observation, incorporating mindfulness principles within a transformative framework. You'll gain valuable insights and tools to deepen your practice and further develop your attention-related skills.

I'm new to mindfulness and meditation. Can I still benefit from this course?

Certainly! This course is suitable for individuals at all levels of experience. It provides a comprehensive foundation in mindfulness and meditation practices, introducing you to techniques that cultivate attention, focus, and emotional regulation. You'll receive guidance and support to begin or strengthen your mindfulness journey and unlock the transformative power of these practices. Remember, regardless of your attention difficulties or your level of experience in mindfulness and meditation, this course is designed to support your growth and development. It offers techniques, strategies, and support to help you overcome challenges, enhance your attention-related skills, and experience positive transformations in your focus, concentration, and overall well-being.

What is Neuroplasticity?

The "power of neuroplasticity" refers to the brain's ability to change and reorganize itself throughout an individual's life. Neuroplasticity is the brain's capacity to form new neural connections, adapt, and modify its structure and function in response to experiences, learning, and environmental factors. Without this ability, any brain, not just the human brain, would be unable to develop from infancy through to adulthood or to recover from brain injury.

This phenomenon allows for the intentional shifting of one’s State of Being (state of mind as well) as the brain is capable of creating New Neural Pathways in response to the changes in one’s environment.

You have the incredible ability to shape your brain's neural pathways through the power of neuroplasticity. By engaging in targeted activities, techniques, and practices, you can optimize your cognitive abilities and unlock your true potential.

Rewiring your brain is within your grasp. You can strengthen the neural networks that support your focus, concentration, and confidence while weakening the ones that hold you back. Through intentional and focused practice, you can develop new skills, enhance your cognitive performance, and overcome limitations.

Imagine the possibilities when you tap into the power of neuroplasticity. By participating in specific exercises and activities that stimulate and reinforce the neural pathways associated with your goals, you can transform your professional performance and overall well-being.

It's time to take charge and reshape your brain's functioning. Embrace the power of neuroplasticity and unlock your full potential. Start your journey today and experience significant improvements in your focus, concentration, and confidence.

The power to transform your life is in your hands.

When individuals lack Attention skills, Detached Observation, Focus, and Concentration, they may experience various negative emotions and challenges.

Here are some common feelings they may experience:

Frustration: They may feel frustrated when they struggle to concentrate on tasks or maintain focus for extended periods. This frustration can arise from the inability to achieve desired outcomes or meet their own expectations.

Overwhelm: Without strong attention skills, individuals may feel overwhelmed by the constant influx of information and distractions. They may struggle to filter out irrelevant stimuli, leading to a sense of being scattered or unable to prioritize effectively.

Ineffectiveness: The lack of focus and concentration can make individuals feel ineffective or inefficient in their work, studies, or other activities. They may feel like they're not making progress or unable to perform at their desired level.

Insecurity: A sense of insecurity can arise when individuals perceive their income as insufficient. They may worry about their financial stability, future prospects, and the ability to meet their needs and obligations.

Stress and Anxiety: Difficulty concentrating can contribute to increased stress and anxiety. The inability to stay focused may lead to worries about missed deadlines, poor performance, or being unable to meet expectations.

Self-Doubt: Individuals may question their abilities and competence when they struggle with attention skills. They may doubt their capacity to achieve goals, leading to decreased self-confidence and lowered self-esteem.

Disconnection: Without the ability to detach and observe situations objectively, individuals may feel disconnected from their experiences, emotions, and the present moment. This disconnection can lead to a sense of detachment or lack of engagement.

Comparison and Envy: Seeing others who earn more can evoke feelings of comparison and envy. They may compare their income to that of others and feel a sense of dissatisfaction or unfairness in their own financial situation.

Motivation for Change: Feeling that their income is not where it should be can also serve as a motivator for individuals to seek ways to improve their financial situation. It can inspire them to explore new career opportunities, develop new skills, or seek professional growth to increase their earning potential.

Attention is the most important skill of life and it is the basis for all other skills you need to be independent, productive and successful at what you do.

Attention is the ability to choose and concentrate on relevant stimuli, a very important cognitive ability and is an essential function in your daily life.

The more you purposefully observe things, the quicker it will become a habit and the better your focalizaton and memorarization will sharpen and develop into a powerful habits.



Increased awareness and detached observation are crucial to best manage Attention, Focus, Concentration and Memorization.

Focusing is very important because focusing is the gateway to all thinking, perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making.

Without good Focus all aspects of your ability to Think will suffer. If you can't Focus effectively you can Think effectively


New experiences provided by Feelfulness® can lead to changes in the brain’s neurochemical functioning, enabling you to better manage certain situations and create New Thinking Patterns (similar to new driving routes).  

With these New Thinking Patterns you become more aware, regulate your emotions, and increase your EQ emotional intelligence and even your IQ intellectual intelligence.

Feelfulness methods are inspired by a common element that is found in inner-alchemy and other transformative practices. This element is the Intentional shifting of one's State of Consciousness, or intentional shift in their Attention Allocation!

When an individual is able to effectively shift their state of being, it can open up a whole new range of possibilities.

By leveraging the power of Attention and the delight of Transformation, you can use feelfulness techniques to access deepest wisdom, greatest insight, and gain a clearer understanding of how things work, all in a relaxed state!


Transformational techniques are practices and approaches that facilitate profound and positive change at a deep level, resulting in personal growth, self-awareness and significant shifts in mindset, behavior, and outcomes.

These are some incredible proprietary exercises I developed for you to get started with re-learning how to re-Allocate your Attentional resources to subject matters that are important in the moment to ensure that you are focusing your Observational Resources effectively to achieve your goals.


Because research shows that 70% of decisions we make are “emotional-based” and 30% are “cognitive-based”.

This means we React, rather than Think-Through.

Thus, everything - everything - begins with ATTENTION!

Because how you Focus your Attention is the key to your Achievable outcome!

Attention is Your Super-Power:
The Secret to Success is Laser Focus!

From the creator of Feelfulness® Carmen Sauciuc, shows you how to develop Cognitive Dominance that will give you the Competitive Edge you Need in today's fast moving world…

Module 1
Attention-Allocation Skills

Attention, what it is and what it is not, how to improve your attention span: In this part of the course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of attention and its nuances.

You'll learn about the different components of attention, what it truly means, and debunk common misconceptions. Moreover, you'll be equipped with effective techniques to enhance and expand your attention span, allowing you to stay focused and engaged in various tasks and activities.

Module 2

Mental Focus Skills

Higher Mind & Layers of Thought. The loud thoughts are not the only thoughts you have: This module explores the intricate layers of thought that exist within your mind. You'll discover that the thoughts that occupy your conscious awareness are just a fraction of the thoughts present within your mind.

By delving deeper and understanding the subtler layers of thought, you'll gain insight into your cognitive processes, thought patterns, and how to harness them for improved focus and concentration.

Module 3

Observation Skills

Observation, how to distinguish between normal type of observation and simultaneous type of observation: Observation plays a vital role in perception and understanding.

This segment of the course explores different types of observation, including the distinction between normal observation and simultaneous observation. You'll learn techniques to sharpen your observational skills, enabling you to perceive details, patterns, and opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. This heightened observation can positively impact your decision-making and overall awareness.

Module 4

Focus & Concentration Skills

Focus and Concentration, how to improve your focus, how it works, with groundbreaking techniques to maximize your focus: Focalization refers to the ability to concentrate your attention on a specific target or task.

This section of the course dives into the mechanics of focus and provides you with a deeper understanding of how it works. You'll explore cutting-edge techniques that can maximize your focus, sharpen your concentration, and enable you to stay absorbed in your work with heightened efficiency and effectiveness.

Module 4

Memory Recall Skills

Memorization and how the brain compartmentalizes memorization and focalization: The module on memorization delves into the brain's remarkable ability to compartmentalize and store information.

You'll gain insights into memory formation and the connection between memorization and focus. Understanding how the brain stores and retrieves information can help you optimize your learning and retention processes, enhancing your ability to both memorize and maintain focus on relevant information.

Transformative Learning

Transformative Learning is an approach that fosters profound shifts in your mindset, beliefs, and behaviors. It is a process that encourages self-reflection, critical thinking, and the exploration of new perspectives.

During this course, you will engage in transformative learning experiences that introduce you to groundbreaking techniques.

These techniques are designed to facilitate personal growth, enhance your attention span, and empower you to reach new levels of focus, concentration, and peak performance.


  • Gain the capacity to better focus & increase your memorization capacity on the subjects that matter.
  • And ignore or allocate minimal attention resources to subjects that don't matter.

Because you'll learn:

  • How to elevate yourself to a higher level when it comes to your ability to allocate attention, focus and concentrate 
  • How to learn INTUITIVE techniques and methods that will enhance your concentration, memory recall, ability to focus, and your attention span 
  • How to allocate your attention and observation resources properly!
  • How to better allocate your time properly and organize your tasks in a smooth and cognitively intuitive manner
  • How to become more productive, more creative, while improving and enhancing your memory and recalling

By the End of this Course:

  • you will develop cognitive dominance with an enhanced ability that will expand you beyond your ordinary limits 
  • you will gain the capacity to better allocate your attention resources and 
  • better focus on subjects that matter in the moment, while ignore or allocate minimal attention to subjects that do not matter in the moment


1. Attention is your Super-Power!

2. the Secret to Success is Laser Focus!

3. with Detached Observation Skills!

Q: Are these techniques suitable for individuals in any field or profession?  

A: Yes, absolutely! The benefits of emotional regulation and detached observation techniques are applicable across various fields and professions. Whether you're an entrepreneur, professional, artist, or athlete, these skills can significantly enhance your performance and success.      

Q: How fast can I expect to see results with emotional regulation and detached observation techniques?

A: The techniques offered in this program are designed to deliver fast and lasting results. However, the speed of progress may vary depending on individual circumstances and the level of commitment and practice dedicated to the techniques.

Q: How can I integrate these techniques into my daily routine?

A: The program provides practical guidance and strategies to integrate emotional regulation and detached observation techniques into your daily life. You'll learn how to apply these skills in real-world situations, making them a natural part of your routine.  

Q: Can these techniques be learned by anyone, regardless of their previous experience or skill level?

A: Yes, these techniques are designed to be accessible to individuals of all experience levels. Whether you're a beginner or have prior knowledge, the program offers a step-by-step approach that allows for gradual progression and improvement.  

Q: Will this program help me develop self-awareness and better manage my emotions?

A: Absolutely! The program focuses on emotional regulation through detached observation, which cultivates self-awareness and empowers you to effectively manage your emotions. You'll gain insights into your emotional patterns and learn techniques to navigate and regulate them successfully.

  • Proprietary Techniques
  • Free 1:1 with the Instructor*
  • Free Email Support
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  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access from any device

Experiential learning

An event or a series of events is needed as a CATALYST for change. A person’s experiences usually do not coincide with their current framework of perceptions, beliefs, and views of the world. Often, these are revealed in ‘aha’ moments and lead to a re-evaluation of a person’s identity, believes, values and even perceptions. So it is the "aha" moments we are looking to catalize in this course!

A person becomes aware of their assumptions, and/or other people's assumptions, and is able to engage in self-reflection. This reflection stage highlights an intelligent disorganization of previous believes and perceptions, and welcomes and transformative learning which is highly effective in navigating other possibilities.

A person acknowledges their newly acquired beliefs & perceptions, and becomes a peak performer. This in turn, changes a person’s being-ness in relation to the world.

A peak performer implements the newly acquired focus and concentration skills are unparalleled. This fourth stage establishes a successful and life-fulfilling paradigm SHIFT into who you want to BE

testimonials - what students are saying

 "Unlike any course I’ve encountered so far. Higher-level content. I hope people catch on to what’s happening here with these particular classes because it’s something very special.  I’m still new but what I can say is, in general, watch/listen to these lessons repeatedly. Let it wash over you and maybe as you do you can enjoy just wondering what it might be like to experience something new, something expansive, the sort of thing that most everyone truly wants at a deeper level. You’ll see, you’ll know." Christopher J, USA

Cristopher J, USA

 "by God that was at least 100% of shared engagement and presence and modeling what it was you were communicating... I thought that was phenomenal it was a whole different level from all the demonstrations I've seen thus far in the intensives... because the danger with a lot of these exercises is that people are putting quite a bit of emotions into trying to tie the technique but you just said the heck with that and you Embodied it and you Were There and that's what I picked up and Felt what you were doing so that was highly impressive stuff, a whole 'nother level ... " JFL, Ireland

John F, Ireland

"I'd like to mention here my experience with Higher mind technique for the FIRST time. I instantly found it to be calming, mental chatter has vanished and attention and focus improved instantly. Thank you for sharing and guiding through the process.  Thank you!"   Dr A Kulkarni, India

Dr. Kulkarni A, India

 "I can see how being focused from higher mind allows us better and more accurate productivity. The higher mind is more complex. We need to learn to relax and clear our minds. We need to find ways to focus on our inner thoughts. In order to achieve better attention and a more focused mind. We need to become self aware and adapt a new and clearer way of thinking. It's interesting that when you focus on an image how the mind knows how to concentrate better. It's nice to be so relaxed and at ease. Becoming more self aware and being more present is a good skill to have." Natalia Y, USA

Natalia Y, USA 

"There is a hierarchical order in the levels of attention. Just like language, attention also have many layers of hierarchy."
Bevin V, India  

Bevin V, India

 "I enjoy been more focused. There are different levels of attention eg: Divided attention, Simultaneous attention. We can find that we are giving attention to more than one scenario at a time. The mind is powerful and stores information and thoughts. We have deeper thoughts than the daily thoughts of work and personal life. It does take time to focus my mind. I am used to focusing on more than one scenario in my work environment. When I am focused I enjoy the result."  Sorika C, South Africa

Sorika C, South Africa

"The higher mind is more complex. We need to learn to relax and clear our minds. We need to find ways to focus on our inner thoughts. In order to achieve better attention and a more focused mind. We need to become self aware and adapt a new and clearer way of thinking." Laura D, USA

Laura D, USA

 "I learned about having simultaneous attention. To focus on different scenarios becoming good at observing my surroundings and becoming more attentive. What a diference. There are different skills to having a good attention span. I notice objects more clearer with more accurate details. I have more awareness of a specific issue and am able to remember the details of the thing. I learned to move to a more advanced mind, become observant in order for the issue to become clearer." Nicolene D, USA  

Nicolene D, USA



My name is Carmen Sauciuc,
I'm  the founder of FeelFulness® with over a decade of Applied neuro-language experience, drawing upon the principles of Functionalism by William James, Transcendence by Carl Jung, Interspersal Tailoring by Milton Erickson, and Human Potential by Martin Seligman. My work is influenced by alchemy and shamanic practices and deeply rooted in neuroplasticity: shifting of one’s state of consciousness, which always involved the intentional shifting of one’s state of being.  

When I first discovered Feelfulness’ potential for influence and motivation, my life took a 90-degree turn.

This is the reason I developed the techniques, authored the book and created this website because feelfulness’ potential for Generating a State of Being (feel a feeling by choice) is unrivaled.  

Did I say unrivaled? and exceptionally efficient?  

Feelfulness® techniques with Word Triangles through Thought-Feeling practices- are the exact tools you need to become a powerful influencer as a therapist, coach or people helper.

I’ve coined the term "FeelFulness®" in 2011 and I'll show you how
1. to unleash the power of your Thought-Feelings (self-awareness) with Word Triangles (neuro-language)
2. to re-direct your stream of thoughts (thought management)
3. to shift your mindset (re-pattern) and
4. create a desired state of being (feel a feeling by choice)
5. to productively register it (neuroplasticity) in your muscle memory (automatic habits).   

 Did I say unrivaled? and exceptionally efficient?